Design you Blogger post by Canva & Pexels

Design you Blogger post by Canva & Pexels

many of you know or listening or read in somewhere about Cavna app and Pexels platform for photo

so what I am trying to teach you here is: How you mix between these two apps & platforms, for your Blogger posts.

You will get after you finish this article:

  • What are stock photos?
  • Good idea about Pexels & Cavna as well.
  • What is allow/not allow for you?
  • What they offer for Bloggers.
  • How to mix and use them in your blog.
  • A way to create a very nice photo for your Blog or Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram... ETC.

First of all, we need to get knowledge about those apps and make sure that we understand what is the main idea for them,

so we gonna start with quick info about:

Stock Photos:

First of all, let's started with some information about What is Stock Photo?

Stock photos are the term given to all original photos taken by talented photographers and then allow their work to be Re-used by other people.

These images are royalty-free which means that they can be reused or modified in the way you want, such as social media posts or for use in your blog or website.

It’s important to note there is a difference between paid & free stock images.

With paid sites, you aren’t just buying the photos, you are also purchasing the right to use the photo for your materials. Without purchasing these rights, you are committing copyright infringement if you use any of the photos belonging to these companies.

Some of the top paid stock photo sites are:

  • Shutterstock
  • iStock
  • Getty Images
  • Big-stock
  • Super-stock

Photos from paid sites are always circulating on the internet. That’s the main reason why you shouldn’t grab any image you find in a Google image search. Even if Google says those images are tagged for reuse, that’s no guarantee and you shouldn’t rely on it.

That brings us back to free stock image sites like Pexels.

Pexels :

Is a free photo and video website and app that helps designer and blogger and everyone who is looking for visual to find great photo and video that you can download and used for free.

Pexels provides high-quality and completely free stock photos licensed under the Pexels license. All photos are nicely tagged, searchable, and also easy to discover through our discover pages.

Pexels is one of the hundred websites that offer the same things, but Pexels is more simple and easy to use.

What Pexels offer?

hundreds of thousands of free stock photos and everyday new high-resolution photos will be added. All photos are hand-picked from photos uploaded by our users or sourced from free image websites. We make sure all published pictures are high-quality and licensed under the Pexels license.

a very big library reaching with more than what you can imagine of images in different sizes and topic and resolutions.

What is allowed in Pexels?

  •  All photos and videos on Pexels are free to use.
  •  Attribution is not required. Giving credit to the photographer or Pexels is not necessary but always appreciated.
  •  You can modify the photos and videos from Pexels. Be creative and edit them as you like.

What is not allowed in Pexels?

  • Identifiable people may not appear in a bad light or in an offensive way.
  • Don't sell unaltered copies of a photo or video, e.g. as a poster, print, or on a physical product without modifying it first.
  • Don't imply endorsement of your product by people or brands on the imagery.
  • Don't redistribute or sell the photos and videos on other stock photo or wallpaper platforms.

How can you use Pexels for blogger/social media posts?

As we mention before, Pexels offer you tons of images in almost any topic you want a photo for him, you can type in the search bar for what are you looking for and you'll found a hundred results

maybe you can't found anything you want in Pexels but at least you have an option in your hand to can be helpful.

For me, I use Pexels every time I want to make an image for my blogger posts, I go for the platform and searching for something that gives a first look at the same article that I wrote before.

In this case, I want a picture that is expressive and connected at the same time with the topic I am talking about.

So I went to The Platform, and I wrote in the search bar " design " and also I tried " Mix color ".

A lot of results appeared and I chose 3 pictures that I saw as expressive and related to the same topic.

These are the photos that I liked.

After we choosing the photo it's time to move on to the Canva app.

Canva :

Is a graphic design platform, used to create social media graphics presentations, Posters, Documents, and other visual content.

The app includes templates to use, the platform is free to use, and offers paid subscriptions like Canva pro.

What Cavna offer?

  • Millions of images.
  • Photo Filters.
  • Free Icons & Shapes.
  • Hundreds of Fonts.
  • The rarity of content types.
  • pre-sized social media image and header template to marketing materials, document, presentations, invitation, and ads...ETC

you'll find almost everything you need.

If you don't, you can always create a custom project.


Cavna free platform, you can use every Cavna template for free, the only time you'll need to pay is when you use one or more of the premium images that they sell for the low price of 1$ per image.

Cavna also have Cavna pro which is offering you the things in below

The price for this service is high a little bit, it's around 8$ per month.
in fact, I didn't try it before but what is the most helpful thing in this service is Re-size your design directly, which I needed during my job
without this service, I had to create a new design with the size that's I want.

it's not a big deal because you can go for a new design and copy and paste your previous one.

As a blogger or content creator, how can Pexels & Canva be helpful for you?

finally, we come to the most important point, how can you make these two tools serve your job.

After you finish writing your article.

We go to design an attractive image in simple steps that are represented by the following:

  • Go to and write in the search bar something related to the idea that you previously write about.
  • ( Previously I already put some pictures that I selected. )
  • Download the pictures that you have chosen and no problem if they are a group of pictures. You can choose one or more for a later design.
  • We go to the Canva application if you work on your mobile phone and there is also an application for computers or you can use their website Canva to start designing.
  • We specify the size we want, either directly by searching in the search bar for a specific size, and this does not require you to know the measurements. All you have to do is specify what you want to use the image for, for example, Facebook cover, and the application provides you with the size easily, or by clicking on create a design then click on custom size then choose the width and height.
  • You can choose from a set of templates that the application suggests automatically or search for specific templates such as " food ", and the application will provide you with a wonderful collection of ready templates that you can use.
  • Now you upload the image that you previously downloaded from the Pexels site and drag-and-drop over the template you chose and start deleting the things you do not want and adding other things or even adding another image that you already own.
  • All that's left after these steps are for you to unleash your ideas and keep editing to have a great photo.

At end of all, what I am trying to teach you here is a simple way to get a nice photo, without Exposing your site or blog to copyright strike if you use photos from Google or from anywhere else.

all my article photo it's made by the mix between Pexels & Cavna, you can have a look to see an example for this mix.

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