Notes can be a challenge! Google keep vs Evernote


Notes can be a challenge! Google keep vs Evernote

In this article we will talk and focusing on " Evernote, google keep " and also Samsung notes as an optional app.

You'll get after finishing this article :

  • Good idea about Google keeps & Evernote.
  • What you can/can't do with them.
  • What are the good/bad things?
  • which is the comfortable one if you work on it.
  • which is the better one for bloggers.

blogger is a way to make the people know about your thinking, is a great way to help other people with something you knew very well and give valuable information or tips or advice.

many bloggers like the old-school way and do the job on papers and notebooks and also many of them they use the app to carry on the job

and for bloggers people, it's very important to use note-app that's offering for them a good space for the job.

there are many and many apps that made this kind of job which is " writing or create notes " more simple and easier because of the great tools that the apps have, such as :

Google keep : 

Is a great solution and option for google power users.

They are done to serve a purpose to :

  • Remind email a friend.
  • Help you outline your new book

Or one of million other things, often, this other thing requires you to use some other app or service.

As a note app, It's fine if you use it the way Google intends. There are reasonable web, IOS, and android versions and handy chrome extensions for saving quick notes and links.

With google keep you can do :

  • Create and edit notes.
  • Organize and find notes.
  • Set reminder in-keep.
  • Archive and delete notes.

does google keep is good or not?

I can't say if Google is good or not because every user has his visions and experience. but what I can say is the good/bad thing that's I found.

good :

  • Fast
  • Can extract text from images.
  • Works well with other Google apps.
  • Free.

Bad :

  • Poor at organizing notes.
  • No rich text formatting or markdown support.
  • No desktop apps.
  • Weak web clipper.
  • No access restrictions on shared noted.

What does google keep do well?

  • Capture notes quickly " if something comes to mind, you're never more than a few taps away from writing it down.
  • Recording a voice memo.
  • Snapping a picture.
  • Scanning document.
  • You can also make text notes, lists, reminders, sketches.
  • Add background colure to any note, upload images and files and even extract image text from images, also mark up images.

What missing is :

  • You can't mark up PDFs because they aren't supported for upload in the first place.
  • You can't sort or file notes
  • You can't put them into a particular order, or even filter them by date created, date updated, or title.
  • There is no rich text formatting at all, nor is there support for markdown language-a popular alternative for adding styling to text.
  • You can add checkboxes and paragraph returns, but that's about it.

There's is only one way to categorize notes, and that's to add labels. Labels are essentially tags, and they can be whatever you like.

At any time, you can access your list of labels on a left-side rail.

Click on a label, and only notes with that label appear.

The idea with Google Keep is if you ever need rich text formatting, folders, and other tools for organizing and sorting notes, you'll turn those notes into Google Docs, which you can do easily from Keep. That's all well and good unless you don't want to move between two apps. Some people prefer to stick with one app. Google Keep takes the approach that you use to write down an idea quickly and then move the note to a more appropriate app when you're ready to do more with it. That's entirely doable, but it means that you have chosen two apps for this kind of activity, and you have to set up your workflows, too. Many users will want to have a single productivity app take care of it all for them, though some may enjoy tinkering with their processes.

Google Keep is 100% free—there are no upsells or premium plans—although you need a Google account to use it. There are free apps for Android and Apple mobile devices, plus a web app, but no desktop apps, according to a Google Keep support page. Watch out for knockoff apps on macOS and Windows. We strongly advise against downloading them.

The amount of storage you get for Google Keep depends on your Google Drive storage

price: Free for 15 GB of storage across all google apps; starts at 1.99$/month for 100 GB.

all the prices in below in Malaysian ringgit.

Check this if you want to know more details: Google keep

Google Keep isn't the only free note-taking app. Microsoft OneNote, Joplin, Zoho Notebook," we will talk about them later " and others are free too.

Google keep: available for ( IOS, ANDROID, WEB, CHROME ).

Evernote : 

I knew about this app earlier, And in fact, I like it too much and start using it every time I want to write for blogger posts or my notes.

It's impossible to talk about note-taking apps without mentioning " Evernote ",

It's one of the most powerful options.

With Evernote you can add :

  • Text note.
  • Audio clips.
  • Image.
  • PDF document.
  • Scanned hand-writing page.
  • Slack conversations, emails, websites, and any other thing.

It's designed so you can easily sort and organize your notes also you can add tags for your notes.

If you already have tags set-up, They'll be auto-suggested.

After you creating note click tags in the sidebar to see a searchable list of every tag you've used.

It's a really fast way to sort notes as you create them without having to worry about putting every note perfectly in its place " you will be able to sort your notes later on and arrange everything nicely.

Evernote automatically processes the image, sheet of paper, business card, menu, sign, or anything you upload.

To make it more readable and also searchable.

So you'll be able to search for it as if it's a text note you typed yourself.

Evernote ability :

  • Share notes and whole notebooks with classmates, coworkers, family...ETC
  • Take and attach pictures to a note right from within the app.
  • Take and attach voice memos and audio right from within the app.
  • Attach files " spreadsheets, image, docs " to any note.
  • Scan text in a photo using optical character recognition technology ' OCRT'
  • Set reminder.
  • Create checkboxes that serve as-virtual to the doc.
  • Scan automatically between all devices, you can access your note even when offline ( not able in free versions ).

does Evernote good or not?

I can't say good or not because first of all, I am a new user of this app, but I can say the good/bad things that are I found :

Good : 

  • Effortless note-taking and syncing.
  • Powerful search.
  • Excellent features.
  • Flexible access to your notes.

Bad : 

  • The free level of service too restrictive.
  • Expensive Premium plan.

 Evernote is available for ( IOS, ANDROID, MAC, WINDOWS, WEB ).

At End of all, We must mention that Evernote has a Free & Paid plan " all the details in below and the price in Malaysian ringgit ".

Check this if you want more details on Evernote.

I would like to mention for Samsung notes at the end of this article, it's kind of something I live with for a long time.

Samsung notes :
I would like to mention about Samsung note is an optional app, is easy to use and access also is good enough for fast notes or something you want to remember later.
Many people know about this app, in fact, no need to talk about it because the app came with any android phone, usually without previous install.
I use this app for a very long time, I am a heavy user of it and I enter and create notes every day twice at least for many years.

with Samsung note you can do:
  • Quick note-taking.
  • Switch between pens, highlighters, and erasers.
  • Customize page template and background color.
  • Convert your handwriting to text.
  • Import an image or PDF.
  • Add voice recording.
  • Sort page.
  • Save in a different file format.
  • Organize your notes.
  • Share files.
If you are a blogger, it's necessary always to remember that's these tools not everything, what is matters is how you use them.