13 Blogging Tips, Read It Wisely


13 Blogging Tips, Read It Wisely

1- The Title is art try to make it like that.

2- Write the title before starting the article and reconsider the title after completing and edit again if needed. 

3- Headings, H2, H3, H4 are not font measurements, use them wisely.

4- Do not use colors, nor underline or sideline, use darkening wisely.

5- Write for humans not for search engines.

6- The difference between a superficial and a professional writer: The details.

7- Do not shout at the reader, an exclamation point and one interrogative one are enough.

8- Add enough multiple media, the reader will suffocate by a thousand words that you tell him.

9- Do not look at the word count indicator as you type, write like a waterfall.

10- Rhetoric, brevity.

11- Don't describe yourself as a writer before 100,00 words.

12- Blogger and WordPress is your friend, Notepad is your friend, no need to use office word.

13- Good writers copy, Great writers steals. ( sorry Picasso ) 

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