Martin Page: How I Become Stupid! (Book Review)

Martin Page-How I Become Stupid! (Book Review)

”When we try to understand something, more often than not, we kill it, and now I can feel the dangers of this encroaching on me: cynicism, bitterness, and infinite sadness... It's impossible to live if you're too aware, too thoughtful. Take nature, for example, everything that lives happily and to a ripe old age is not very intelligent. Tortoises live for centuries, water's immortal, and Milton Friedman's still alive.”

”Those who think that intelligence is a thing of nobility surely do not have enough of it to realize that it is nothing but a curse”
It is the most philosophical novel of its kind that speaks of intelligence with a unique vision.

In addition, it is the first narration to explain to us the saying "the one with the mind suffers in bliss with his mind, and the brother of ignorance in misery enjoys" literally.
Our Story Hero, (Antoine) decides to shroud himself with stupidity at the age of twenty-five, after feeling that intelligence is what makes him the most miserable, isolated, and poor, and that was after a night he spent thinking about himself, and he found out that his mind is the reason of his misery in this life.

It was not an ordinary person, but was from a family which have achievements, and his (Antoine) grandmother was a famous botanist.
Was initially looking for something, for example, another life, or perhaps he was (Antoine) searching for himself when his curiosity prompted him to rush to the library to become a drunk, but; A drunk with intelligence, and in a creative and conscious way, as he said.

So he went to the library and brought all the books on alcohol; Like the book (Alcohol Dictionary), (The complete Guide to Alcohol) and (The Finest Kind of Alcohol). 
And he wanted to eat all of these books using his mind greedily, and what makes the situation funny is that the librarian thought that (Antoine) was doing some researching about alcohol, but when the librarian asked him about it, (Antoine) answer him in a strange, an unprecedented strangeness way, ”I am trying to become a drunkard with these books”

And it didn't all stop here. He soon met someone he thought would help him become a drunk, and the man (Leonard) made it clear that by reading too much he would not become a drunkard; Because the activity of drunkenness requires a kind of commitment and, according to him. A certain number of hours must be devoted daily.

A long dialogue takes place between the man (Leonard) and (Antoine), and in the end (Leonard) explains that it is not easy, saying ”It is not in your hands, it is alcohol that chooses, and it decides whether you are capable of becoming a drunk, not you, so if you get drunk every Saturday evening, for example, you will not become a drunker, must persevere seriously”
After five minutes of conversation and after he (Antoine) had drunk half the glass, the nurses came to carry him after he had fallen into a coma from alcohol poisoning, and his beer glass was still half full.
After that day, life no longer meant for Antoine anything but eternal torment, and he did not even enjoy seeing the sunrise of a new day, and then he met a girl who had failed attempts to commit suicide.

All of Antoine's dialogues focused on the melancholy caused by intelligence; Which makes you know many things, but (Antoine) was not only the owner of intelligence, but also the owner of conscience and a conscious mind, so he was very connected to himself, and even in his despair he did not think randomly, so he refrained from many things because in his belief they are incorrect.

The funny thing about Antoine's story is that he was trying to get rid of his intelligence and kill him in a very clever way.

These situations that he was exposed to and all the dialogues indicate that he is aware of what he wants and is fully aware of everything, to extend that he was interested in the happiness of others and rejects the idea of being the cause of anyone's misery.

And a sane person will feel in the midst of the discussion the simplification of life, and his only desire will be to finish and always put asterisks on words; As (Antoine) says; ”People simplify this world with language thought, and thus they have certainties, and possessing certainties is the strongest lust in the world.... it is mush stronger than money, sex, and power together.”
The novel will open up horizons for you and change your outlook. To life and to intelligence in particular, and it will make you simulate the logic of your mind to search for answers with (Antoine) and you will think of his same questions that you have never thought in his way.

Martin Page's hero, Antoine, thinks the great division in our world is between those who are smart and unhappy and those who are stupid and happy. Proving this premise is Antoine's raison d'être in Page's attempt to write a satire of how society punishes the brilliant, "How I Became Stupid."
Antoine claims to be "poor, single, and depressed" as a result of his intelligence. Yet he doesn't seem particularly smart or sad, as his manifesto about his intelligence ruining his life resembles the rant of every 15-year-old who can't get a date. ("[People who have] a sense of curiosity, wanting to understand the world ... pay the price in loneliness.").

Book information:
Page Martin, How I become stupid.
Number of pages: 160 pages
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