YouTube Shorts - Answering all the question

YouTube shorts - Answering all the que
Have you heard about a short video platform named TikTok?
Of course, you are, but today we will talk about YouTube Shorts the new brother of TikTok. And I am going to share with you my Experience including my YouTube shorts Review and my results after trying YouTube Shorts for the first time. ( This article includes screenshots for all the details during my journey to make it informative.)

The article will be covering the below:

  • My YouTube shorts Review.
  • What is YouTube shorts video?
  • How to get started?
  • How to export video using PC (Adobe primer pro.)
  • Is it possible to earn money from YouTube shorts?
  • how YT shorts can be useful?
  • Can I use YouTube shorts to hit the requirements for YouTube monetization?
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  • My YouTube shorts Review:

I created my first short video without overthinking, It was during my gameplay In Elden Ring (game review coming soon) and I record my first few min when I killed a character named Varre, so I took the clip and do simple edits cuz my main goal was to know how YouTube Short works, then I uploaded it, Using a very simple title and few Hashtags and here is my result.

YouTube short review

YouTube short review

The video got almost 1.6K views and almost 20 watch times (hours) and 137 Impressions (YouTube search) from the publishing date until today (more than a week.)

And as you can see below:

92.9% of the views came from Shorts feed.

3.6% from YouTube search.

3.6% from Hashtag pages.

YouTube short review
And what did I do takes around 10 min between editing and uploading and here is everything you need to know about YouTube shorts.

  • What is YouTube Shorts video?

YouTube Shorts are short-form (literally like TikTok, FaceBook Reels, or Instagram Stories), vertical video content created using a smartphone and uploaded directly to YouTube from the YouTube app.

  • How to get started :

Once you open YouTube using your phone, you will see below the middle (plus mark) and once you click on it, 3 options will show up: (Create a short, Upload a video, Go live.)

YouTube short review

YouTube’s built-in creation tools let you pick up your music from a big library YouTube offers it for you and also YouTube already will give you top sounds to use it.

(you can search for any sound as well and use it in your videos.)

Note: there is no copyright claim for the used sounds.

YouTube gives you the option to use any part of any sound for 15 Sec or 60 Sec minimum.

YouTube shorts review

YouTube shorts review

YouTube creation tools also offer a timer for your record to start in

(3sec, 10sec, 20sec) and you can change the speed of your record, adding text, filters, Timeline, crop the video, or the sound as you like.

Viewers of your Shorts can share, comment, like, dislike, or subscribe to your channel while viewing the video.

  • How to export video using PC? (Adobe premiere pro)

Will be updated soon.

  • Is it possible to earn money from YouTube shorts?

Yes you can, but not in the way you are thinking about it, let me tell you why.

YouTube Shorts are shorter than standard YouTube video content, you can’t run an ad on them, which makes YouTube Shorts tricky to monetize.


YouTube launched the YouTube Shorts Fund, a $100 million endowment that anyone is eligible to participate in by creating unique Shorts that “delight the YouTube community.” YouTube will reward creators based on “whose Shorts received the most engagement and views to reward them for their contributions.”

  • How YT shorts can be useful?

YouTube shorts can be useful to grow up your channel and reach large numbers of viewers to know your channel without thinking about SEO or doing any other stuff.

So when you have good content you can use YouTube shorts to target large groups, so people can discover your channel faster.

  • Can I use YouTube shorts to hit the requirements for YouTube monetization?

unfortunately, YouTube does not count your watching hours that come from Short Feed, which means hours will not be counted for monetization and you still need to create YouTube videos and do really hard work to start monetization.

But at the same time, YouTube will count the shorts hours if the people watch it from YouTube search.

All the people who subscribe after watching your shorts videos will be counted as normal.

In the end, YouTube short is a great tool you can use it smartly to grow up faster and earn money if you got good engagements and views, but you still need to learn SEO and create long videos and do some hard work.

But don't worry, In our next article I will share some tips and tricks that I got during the last 8 months and will be much useful to make this journey as easy as it can be.

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