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Journaling Diary

If I ask you what is the similarity between the human brain and the teapot, what do you think is the similarity here?

For sure not because both of them are Circular.

Let me tell you what is the similarity between them.

When we light a fire under the teapot we can notice the water moving slowly, after a while, we can see the water start boils and later on we can see water steam coming out from the teapot because the pressure is high inside it.

When we remove the cover you can notice the teapot feeling comfortable after a long time of pressure.

Our brain is a bit similar to the teapot process but unfortunately, we can't remove the cover to make the pressure or stress goes out. 

But good for us, that we do have some tricks we can use to remove the pressure inside our heads, and one of these tricks is the journaling 

Journaling or blogging is a habit that is not prevalent in our current culture, and I say in our current culture, because before it was a natural, widely used, and widespread habit.

Journaling was used a very long time ago in almost everything like writing down thoughts, feelings..etc.

One of the most famous people named Marcus Aurelius Antoninus was writing his thoughts and feelings that were collected later on in one book named (Meditations) and by the way, the book was very famous.

and there is another book name (mind hunting-صيد العقل) for Ibn al-Jawzi, and it was all about what came into his mind wrote it down like thoughts and feelings.

These examples are just to let you know that journaling is not new and was used a very long time ago but unfortunately no one talks about it these days.

We only hear that an artist write down his thoughts or that a president write down his thoughts and later collected them in one book and publish them to the public, that may make you feel that no one can do journaling and this is against the reality because anyone can use journaling and this must be normal.

Let me ask you a question, If someone told you that there is a man if you know him your life will be easier and much better and he will help you with many things and make you happier. 

Sure you will be trying to know this man and make him your best friend. 

That man is you! I am not joking, that man is you.

 If everyone can know himself, that will help a lot without exaggeration.

You may ask yourself, is there anyone who knows me better than I? 

or you may say: I know myself well.

But the truth is No, not all of us know ourselves, or most of us are not able to know ourselves very well.

The best method to know yourself well is journaling, and this is 1 of many useful things of journaling (we will talk about the rest later)

Important question:

How is journaling able to make me reduce the pressure or stress? 

Let me answer this in a simple way.

The Human mind usually has many different thoughts in 1 second, which means every hour we have around 100 or 1000 thoughts that have come into our mind in very random ways

by that time, tons of thoughts will be inside our heads that nicely need sorting and classification (something like your desktop, all the files must organize into folders to avoid mess)

and how to do this in our mind? by journaling 

In a nutshell, this is what journaling does. sorting and categorizing thoughts and making them visible to you

What are the benefits of journaling? 

1- Reduce pressure and stress.

2- Write a journal help you organize your thoughts or ideas or feeling or even your daily activity and put it in front of you.

3- Daily journaling arranging your random thoughts.

4- Documenting your psychological state, your days, your feelings in certain moments, how you were thinking, and your powerful points, or weakness.

5- journaling is a great reminder of how we were before today.

6- gives you full knowledge about yourself.

In the end, I wanted to write my own experience with journaling from zero till now but I will leave it for another article to give you full Information and tools and apps to help you make journaling easier.

So what you are waiting for?

go ahead and start journaling

Journaling Diary

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 mind hunting (Arabic version)-صيد العقل : Ibn al-Jawzi

Marcus Aurelius : Meditations "stoic six pack" (English version)


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