Violet - between possible and impossible

Violet T-shirt

Why is the color violet not present in the flag of any country?

There are about 196 countries in the world, and none of their flags have the violet color despite being a beautiful and beloved color, so why?

Until the year 1800 AD, the color violet was very rare and expensive, also its dye was evaluated with gold, and throughout the ages, the violet color has been associated with wealth and strength. Only the velvet class of society wears it.

And the reason for his distinction at that time; The dye used in its production comes from traders in the city of "Tyre" (southern Lebanon) since the time of the Phoenicians, and they extract it from small sea snails that are not found anywhere else in the world. They needed more than 10,000 snails to extract just one gram of dye, yet it was not very stable with washing and heat. Of course, only the classes of rulers and kings could afford these costs.

There is a famous tale about the Roman Emperor Aurelian, who did not allow his wife to buy violet clothes because the dye cost him 3 times its weight in gold.

Thus, no country was able to bear the costs of using the color violet in its flag.

And here we may ask :

How the color is available to everyone now?

In 1856, 18-year-old chemist William Henry Perkin and his teacher were trying to discover a cure for malaria. And by chance, a violet compound was produced with him... he notes that it can be used in dyeing fabrics in violet.

This is how he worked on his project secretly, and far from the eyes of his teacher.. until he patented the purple dye, and noting the stability of the dye with washing and heat by ironing - unlike previous natural dyes - its use spread widely, and Birkin became very rich because of this coincidence!

Since then, the color violet has become available to everyone and its value has faded.


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