8 sites and tricks you need to know!

8 sites and tricks you need to know!

1- Illegal site you should not know :)


This site allow you to #add or #delete the watermark for any video clip or image with great accuracy.

2- You have a mobile with locked files and forgotten the password!

Grab your device and go to any browser and type:


You can find all the files on the device and browse them easily.

Would you like to open any website that is banned in your country without downloading VPN 3- applications?

Come on site: Proxysite.us

4- Instead of going to do ICDL courses and torment yourself, 

You can learn from your home all Office programs from scratch to professionalism, and above that you take a certificate from Microsoft required for the labor market and all this is for free, go ahead on the site 👇🏼

Formation Microsoft 365 

5- Most of us turn to new news and information, especially content creators, so you can get new information and news in an easy way and without a big search!

you need to use Feedly

A nice website that I have been using for a long time, collecting news and information about any field from many sources.

check it and look for any specialty you like in any field and it will give you a lot of information and news and everything new about it 🔥

 6-Secret on YouTube, a lot of people doesn't know it, to get rid of ads while watching any video

Click on the video link above and edit the word YouTube within the link to look like this


7- Download an extension in Chrome browser called Black Box.

It allows you to copy any existing text while you are watching a video, even if it is a code

It helps a lot if you are studying or learning online

8- Would you like to design #characters for your content, work, projects, profile or explanations..?

Come on site:  Blush design 

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