Hedgehog's dilemma and distance intelligence!

Hedgehog's dilemma and distance intelligence!

When the hedgehog feels cold, it starts looking for its brothers to stick with them until it feels warm. The problem is that the thorns on the hedgehog’s body make the process of its rapprochement with the members of its species difficult and painful, because, the more they get close to each other, the thorns on their bodies harm them, so they decide to stay away from each other, then they feel cold, so they approach again, and so on.

In the year 1851, the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer pondered the position of this hedgehog and considered it one of man's social and psychological problems, and called it: Hedgehog's dilemma

Schopenhauer spoke that a lonely person feels a strong need to get close to people and interact with them, and that loneliness remains very harsh and painful for a normal human being (like cold for a hedgehog), so he decides to act like a hedgehog and searches for his kind and sticks to them for psychological warmth.

The problem is that this closeness and attachment to him will not be a source of happiness and comfort for him all the time, but rather the opposite, a source of pain and fatigue (for himself and his peers), and here many negative feelings are generated such as psychological pressure, embarrassment, separation, and others. Just as the hedgehog is forced to harm its peers, the same issue is with humans (no one will be deliberately hurt), but it is human nature and each of us has thorns!!

Theoretically, the hedgehog found a solution to this issue and developed a simple and successful method, a process Schopenhauer called the safe distance. The hedgehog was able to choose a certain distance from safety, a distance that guarantees him sufficient warmth and at the same time the least possible degree of pain.

Hedgehog's dilemma

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